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Chaloner Lodge No. 2644

At Melksham Masonic Hall we have three addition orders meeting at the Hall they are.

The Mark Degree

As a Craft Mason you will have some knowledge of the building of King Solomon's Temple. In this degree you will learn how it was built including the problems associated with its construction and the attention given to ensuring the quality of its construction was second to none. The Mark Degree is open to all Master Masons. The Order is generally perceived to be more informal than the Craft and there is no doubt that among Mark Master Masons you will ever find friends. The ceremony of admission is called “advancement” and chronologically the degree follows that of Fellow Craft.  The Mark Degree assists old and young brethren alike to gain experience in Freemasonry, and thus make their mark, without first having been installed in the Craft Chair

For more information on the Degree of Mark Master Mason, please visit their website  http://www.mmmwilts.org.uk/ or contact the Provincial Grand Secretary: Ian Gibson

The Worshipful Society of Free Masons, Rough Masons, Wallers, Slaters, Paviors, Plaisterers and Bricklayers

A Masonic Society which exists to perpetuate a memorial of the practices of operative Free Masons existing prior to modern speculative Freemasonry. Membership of the Society is restricted to those who are Master Masons, Mark Master Masons and Holy Royal Arch Companions in good standing.

For more information on the degree, please visit their website http://www.operatives.org.uk/

St Thomas Of Acon

St Commemorative Order St Thomas of Acon was constituted in 1973 under charter from The Grand Master's Council.

The Order of St. Thomas of Acon was established in 1974 as a result of twenty years' research in the Guildhall Library in London by John E. N. Walker, who for many years was the Secretary General of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. The ancient records of the Order, written in medieval French and Latin, had been deposited in the Guildhall Library and escaped the Great Fire of 1666. The Order now operates under the official title of The Commemorative Order of St Thomas of Acon.

The Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of Acon is an independent British Christian Masonic organisation. Membership is restricted to those who are subscribing members of a Preceptory (Commandery) in amity with the Great Priory of the United Religious, Military and Masonic Order of the Temple of England and Wales and Provinces Overseas (commonly referred to as the Knights Templar). Membership is by invitation only. The basic organisation of the Order is a Chapel. There is only one Chapel in Wiltshire the Richard Chaloner Chapel No.98 meeting at Melksham, on the second Friday in March and October.

Web site link http://www.stoaprovinceofwessex.org.uk/

Our Charities raise monies for the support and upkeep of Canterbury Cathedral